Why does my boyfriend always ignore me?

OK I want to know why does my boyfriend always ignore me when I'm talking to him? I always tell him it bother me and he say but I do pay attention to you your just being over dramatic so I tell him really OK then explain to me what I have just said he say I heard you I don't need to repeat what you have said so I'm like whatever it totally bother me and oh yea why don't guys like talking lots with girls but when guys are around lot of guys omg they never stop talking it p*sses me off! So please let me know


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  • Guy's don't like talking with lots of girls because more than one chick's mouth talking is too much stress and confusion. Guy's would appreciate talking with lots of guys because we have more of the same interest (girls,games,sports,money) and could relate to each other.

    but I have no idea why your boyfriend would ignore you on this one D: most guys would ignore a girl especially their girlfriend if they're mad at them, have other things on their mind or if they just want some time alone you know Guy Time to just chill and enjoy fresh air or something.

    You should do what that girl said stop talking and see if he notices ...etc.etc.


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  • ok I'm a girl but let me answer the question for you .. :

    1. guys hate nagging ...

    2. don't and never show your boyfrnd that you care because he will over do it ...

    3. don't be dramatic if he says soo...

    lsn basicly you should think of it as a game OK and here it goes ... if you say something and in the middle of the conversation you notice that he is ignoring it ... just stop stop and if he asks you why ... say that you changed your mind and you like to keep it to yourself in a playful way .. everygurl has her way ofcourse .. and guys like surprises so surprise him in an act ... guys don't like predictable girls so the more you surprise that better it is ...

    and be mysterious .. don't share everythng with him let him be the one to ask you nd share thngs with you ... .. and about that you can read a book called ( why men love bitches ) and another one called ( act like a lady , think like a man ) they are very helpful

    and guys love spending time with each other because its guys nature ... they understand each other and they talk about stuff that guys would normaly talk about like lets say cars , girls , playstation games and I dnt thnk girls would be willing to talk about that right... lol