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I dated some girl once, she sends mixed signals. Is she interested? I want your advice :)

So here is my story.

I started talking to a girl on facebook, we barely knew each other in real life, but were facebook friends. We found out we got along nicely and talked a lot until she asked me for my phone number.

We texted each other and talked every night for hours during a week or so until we decided to see each other. Her intentions weren't clear at first but she drunk-texted me the day before the date, saying that I interested her, that she was turned on by the fact that we talked so much without really having seen each other, that she couldn't wait until the date, and she even asked me if my house was free for after the date which is kind of suggestive.

The date happened. I don't think anything went wrong. It was fun and all and we even kissed at the end. After the kiss though, she seemed really pressed to return home (hers not mine). After she was gone she kept texting me and said she regretted not inviting me to sleep at her house, saying she simply didn't think about it.

This happened 4 days ago. We keep texting each other, but she seems to show no sign of interest now. I invited her to see a movie, and she declined after a moment of hesitation saying she was too tired/sick, which I don't know if is true. She keeps talking to me though. Even if I stop texting her, she will still text me. And now I have no clue if she wants to see me again.

Maybe she had a bad impression of me during the date, but then again why would she kiss me at the end, and text me she regretted not inviting me at her house?

Nothing really happened since the date, except she texted me her life was awkward because of "boy reasons". I also know that her ex is still part of her life. She saw him twice right before we dated. She said she wanted to be friends with him, that she doesn't love him anymore but sees him as a brother.

Right now she texts me fiddling stuff such as what she is doing, funny things or she just asks about what I am doing. She doesn't talk about the date nor do any reference to the kiss or anything.

So what's your opinion?

Am I getting friend zoned? If she just confused about her feelings? Does her ex or some other guy have something to do with this?

Thanks for the help.
I dated some girl once, she sends mixed signals. Is she interested? I want your advice :)
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