Have you ever asked for someone’s number?

You may recognize me because I sort of mentioned this yesterday, but it wasn’t about getting the number.

Anyway so I’m in the hospital with my mom
I’ve been staying here for 3 days
Last night my mom had the cutest nurse I’ve ever seen
She was perfect, she was all thick & 😩 just my type
you guys might’ve called her fat though, what I consider average, you guys consider fat.

She was so nice & sweet
I know you may Be thinking this kid is nuts, but I like older women.
I asked for this nurses number.
Even though I was denied, I’m proud of myself.
Im the shyest guy in the world.. literally I don’t even like answering the door just because the person might wanna speak to me.. & I just asked for a girls number

When I first asked for her number she looked at me
like “aww” you know that aww face

then she asked me if I knew how old she was
she told me she was my moms age & she was flattered that I just asked.
then she told me she was married,
when she said that I knew it was over.

After that we just started talking about my relationship with my mom
she tried to keep it from getting awkward

my heart was pounding.. I don’t think a gun in my face would make my heart pound this much
it took me like 15 seconds to ask a 5 second question..

i was like
“I was... um wondering if... maybe I could.. (Cringey pause)... have your... number?

by the way I’m turning 18 in 2 months
less than 2 technically
Yes I have
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+1 y
I wanted to ask her for a hug before she left , but I thought I’d asked enough already
Have you ever asked for someone’s number?
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