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Why do I got always friendzoned as I am an attractive flirty guy?

Okay, so I am 20yo and have been friendzoned a few times, although i am very handsome (like many girls are checking me out) and kinda flirty. One girl is a coworker of mine and i am attracted to her. She is a shy girl, bit insecure, but pretty hot. When we first met we were kinda attracted to eachother, I got to know her a bit better, were touchy at work. At the beginning she was always telling me about all kinds of guys who were hitting on her and that she dont want those guys.

One night we were out, drinking with my friends and she asked me about my best friend and told me that he would be a great boyfriend for her, so that night I told her I had feelings for her. The next morning she texted me that she acctually hoped that night that I would have convinced her to forget about that guy (my friend) and she wanted to talk about it in reallife. We talked in reallife about it, but like nothing happend (she did not want to screw up her workplace). Few weeks later she got back with her ex (on-off relationship). Nothing happend for a few months, but she broke up with her ex and is very flirty with me. So I thought she liked me, because when I was looking into her eyes, she was blushing and clumsy (dropping stuff etc). We bump often 'accidentially' into eachother. She is also fine with me touching her and she touches back. She always wants to asks thing at the workplace. Also her girlfriends are always staring and smiling at me. (one night on new years eve I was at the same cafe as her and bought her a drink. Another coworker (girlfriend of her) told me she was extreme upset/stressed when I bought her a drink.

Now I told her that she is hot and cute I had feelings for her (again) and that I wanted her, but than she told me that I should get the idea out of my head and she is into another guy now, but she wants to stay friends like before. I dont what she wants? Is she just using me or is she really into me?
Why do I got always friendzoned as I am an attractive flirty guy?
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