Why is it bad for a guy to fawn over big boobs, but okay for him to fawn over big butts?

Big boobs are getting a lot of hate these days. It's seen as not a desirable trait anymore now that it's all about ass.
Big boobs are now seen as a bad thing

Guys that love big boobs be called things like pervert and looked down on.

Guys that love big asses don't seem perverted or looked down on.

Fashion industry even never shows big boobed girls modelling clothes. But it's okay to show a big ass modelling. There's so much hate on big boobs now a days. Like it's gone out of fashion.

Us big boobed girls get aches and have limited fashion choices and it should be okay for guys to express their appreciation by nice comments. But now it's only acceptable to say good things about small boobs, and asses.
Why is it like this now?


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  • Rest assured, if I saw your boobs, I would enjoy them and give you plenty of compliments. Keep in mind that the "fashion" world is mostly ran by women and gay men. You'll notice that truck and beer commercials, or even burger commercials, still frequently feature women with bigger boobs. It's not a coincidence. LOL.


    • It's true but even in the pop industry
      It's seen as a bad thing like it's unwanted fat now

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  • Um, why are big boobs frowned upon? Seriously like no one I know had gotten that memo lol
    As long as men don’t have them, they’ll always be into boobs of all sizes trust me


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What Guys Said 22

  • See that is the problem with the media. The media only shows what pop culture is doing. Everything about pop culture changes every 5-10 years, stop listening to it.

    Guys individually want different things. I've never wanted a big butt girl, nor have I said that I hated big or small boobs. Yeah, of course if you're in grade 5 big boobs are the greatest, but you soon realize that the girls you actually like and see, are all sorts of different shapes and sizes.

    I like small boobs, and small butts, I like bigger boobs, but if they get too big then maybe I won't like them, but then again I don't know because of my lack of experience.

    The problem lies in the media and the makeup/modeling areas. They show this and girls and women want to be that. Girls and women seem to always have to cling to what's popular, rather than dressing how they want, some girls dont, but most do.

    They want to cure their lashes, get that butt, have those boobs, those lips, that skin colour.

    Just fucking be your natural selves, that's what we want, we want variety, and uniqueness.

    • So the reason is pop culture
      Good that makes a lot of sense. I don't see why they can't be satisfied with someone healthy.

      There's a lot of insults to women in media like
      "she got big tits but no ass though" as lyrics. it really does sound bad when you hear these songs. It's body shaming

    • Yeah, but that is pop culture, at least in the USA it's pop culture, and of course it spills into Canada like Drake and all that crap. But there is a lot of music, way better music that doesn't talk about that stuff.

      What kind do music do you listen to?

    • Thanks for MHO!

  • Big boobs are ugly especially if the girl has a thin body. And girls seem to get surgical implants always get too big of a size. For me im not a fan of big boobs or a big butt. I prefer a girl to be of a smaller size sort of like a young teenage girl. That's just my opinion.

  • Are big boobs bad now? o. o lol

    I bet there are lots of big boob fans.

    Society will often have double standards for various reasons. It's like how it's much more socially acceptable to criticize skinny or thin women instead of bigger girls or it's much more acceptable to criticize whites instead of a minority. I think it has to do with one is see as having an advantage over the other so criticism is more tolerated.

  • I don't understand why does the opinion of men matters in this case. It's your boobs and that's none of any man's business and neither can you blame guys for not liking your boobs, coz you'll be the same person calling a man a pervert when he checks out your breasts.

    • I'm not talking about mine
      I'm saying in general
      It's like the fashion industry and pop culture are making big boob's to be a bad thing now. Everyone wants to be skinny with a big butt

      But women can't all be like that.

    • These are trends and they shall pass like the ones in the past. Yes, I agree that women with smaller boobs and big asses and thin waists are in the trend now, but I don't see any problem with that. Women with smaller boobs have always felt embarrassed, but these things shouldn't matter much, coz these are just fads and they will go away at some point.

      And as for the guys you say, I from the very beginning remember that I never was into bigger boobs and asses. My friends were and they made fun of the fact that I didn't mind the size of the boobs and butts being bigger as shown in the porn.

  • I ain't never seen it that way.. LOL.. I don't think it's frowned upon.. But I guess cause boobs are in the face, and butts are behind so the girl won't catch you lookin...

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What Girls Said 3

  • I haven't even looked at it that way because guys will still stare at my breasts like crazy. But I'm not surprised if big butts are a thing now. It seems more attractive than big breasts being saggy. People will judge a guy no matter what I don't understand why a guy would be called a pervert or anything if he comments about someone having big breasts though.

  • and the weird thing is, practically no one wants a big ass. everyone wants bigger boobs tho

  • Umm you’ll get in trouble if you do both buddy


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