Guys, why would he do this? why would any guy do this?


The present
This guy I used to be friends a few years ago (2 years I think or more) and used to have this huge crush on back in the day called me on messenger ( I didn't pick up), sent me a friend reqoust messaged me, wanted to talk with me, asked if i liked him back then followed by asking me if i am still into him so I replied that i wasn't into him anymore and then he confessed to wanting to fuck me back in the day but he just didn't want to say it back then and he claimed he never knew I liked while I did confess back then, then he asked if we can meet up some day soon and see how things go...

The past
this is also the same old close guy friend (from like 2 years ago) who I had unfriended, blocked on social media previously before apologising and accidentally pressing on the call button... still we did not speak for years..
in the years we did not speak I heard plenty of stories of hitting on my friends online while did not even go to the same college anymore...

What does he want from me?
me and my friend (who was in the same class with me and him in the past ) were bored one day and decided to both flirt with him online to see what he (he knows we are friends by the way but does not know we knew he talked to us both) does and all of a sudden he started to message me back in a fuck boy way (while only answering selectively )... in conversation I gave him the chance to let me go multiple times but kept stringing me along...
What I want to know
I do not like him anymore but I would like to know why he would message me in the first place because I am honestly very confused
Guys, why would he do this? why would any guy do this?
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