A boy who only acts like he likes me when he's drunk.

I've entirely given up on this boy and accepted that he will always confound me. But out of curiosity, I was wondering if any men had any insight on this-

a guy who seems to not only be attracted to me, but also is sweet, funny, and more interested in talking to me/says he likes me when he's drunk. There is certainly the possibly it's social anxiety- but it's really almost *too* much- so much so that I wonder if I pressure him into saying he likes me or persuade him because he knows I like him.

I've honestly accepted him as an enigma to me- I know he's a nervous person, but he knows how great I think he is- so I can't tell if he's sincere about the things he says and the way he acts when he's drunk or if he's just trying to get any kind of girl attention for the night. When we spend time together sober it's always extremely brief and he seems like he's almost in pain. It's really confusing for a girl who is willing to make it clear that she appreciates him.

The only conclusion I've been able to draw from this situation is not to date someone who's been brought up in catholic school.



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  • There's no way to tell just based on this. It could be that either he only is attracted to you because he's drunk (after a certain amount of drinks, every women looks amazing) or he could be extremely shy, and he's into you and only finds the courage to talk to you while drunk.


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  • i don't think he's into you.