Is she just playing hard to get? I don't get this girl.

Alright so here it goes my story. So I met this girl online on a dating web site, we started talking for about a month or two before we actually met. About two weeks ago we met for the first time it was lots of fun I really started to like her and she liked me as well, now that was on a Tuesday, later that week she came over again Friday night, we went out for drinks ended up going back to my house and she slept over. We hooked up that night. The next day was great we were both out with friends texting each other, Sunday came around and I didn't hear from her, two days go by still nothing finally she texted me saying she was busy with midterms and that she was sorry for not talking. Lately she's been really off and on with talking to me, I tried calling her last Friday we talked for a few minutes then she said she had to blow dry her hair she would call me right back. She never did, I knew she was going out to a party for Halloween weekend so I wasn't worried, She then text messaged me on Monday saying she had a sh*tty weekend. It's Wednesday now and I haven't heard back from her and what sucks the most is I fell for this girl hard. Now I've talked to a few of my (girl friends) who say she's just playing hard to get or maybe she's just busy, and she used to always text me even when she was at School or Work. Please help me understand better.
Is she just playing hard to get? I don't get this girl.
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