Why am I alone? And why is no one interested?

I have been told more than once that I have a great personality and that I am really beautiful, but still no one seems that interested in me.

My personality is an unusual one. I am quiet until you get to know me, but once you get to know me I am usually pretty outgoing.

Is there anything that I can do to change my personality. I know that to get more people interested in me I should be more outgoing, but I never know what to say until I feel like I cannot do this until I get to know them because I have to know how they will react.

Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated :)


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  • Don't change a thing about yourself!

    A person should never change themselves for another. If someone is going to be with you, they should do so because they like you for... well... you. If you're quiet around strangers, then that's a trait to be nurtured rather than stamped out.

    And I am sure a lot of guys are interested in you, but are too afraid to ask you out.

    Think about it. You're an exceptionally lovely person who has a very enjoyable personality and added with the fact that shyness/quietness adds a bit of cuteness and sweetness to the mix.

    I'm sure any guy would be scared to ask you out. I'm sure most guys are afraid that you'll reject them or say you have a boyfriend!

    And don't worry about being alone, I'm sure you have friends and family who support you or else who would have told you that you have 'a great personality' and is 'really beautiful?'

    Keep being yourself and I'm sure you'll find guys looking your way more often with more confidence you garner within yourself.

    Sorry, if I didn't give you real advice, but I do wish you luck!

    • Wow thank you for this! I know that I should not want to change myself, but sometimes that seems like the only way. I doubt that a lot of gys are interested in me. I do not have many guy friend, because I do not trust guys as mch as I do girls. Every guy that I have been friends with ends up being the ones that tell me that I have a great personality and I am really beautiful. But the guys I am friends with I feel no physical attraction to and I guess that is why I can handle being friends.

    • Hmm, by the sound of it. Maybe that's another reason why very few guys seem to show little interest.

      It's possible that you give off an attitude that has guys believing you only see them as friends.

      The better question to ask is, what type of guy are you looking for? And how would you go about getting him to notice you?

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  • I think that the personality you describe: "I am quiet until you get to know me, but once you get to know me I am usually pretty outgoing." is actually quite normal, and quite common. I find it to be one of the more attractive personalities, and most of my friends probably do too, judging by their girlfriends. I think its probably less about your personality, and more about what kinds of situations you put yourself into (there is obviously some overlap, but there is a difference between the two). How often to you take part in social activities involving single guys? e.g. parties, co-ed intramural sports, clubs, etc.

  • You gotta deliver compliments or provide a statement which reveals something about your personality and requires a person of interest to reveal something about themself.

    So tell a person they look nice, you like their hair, sweatshirt, whatev.

    Or start with a statement like, "I just saw_____ at the theatre and it was tight, you gotta go see it."

    "I just got the _____album, its the best one by that group/artist."

    stuff like that.


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