Is it weird not to socialize at work with co workers?

I just started working at a restaurant a few weeks ago and it seems like the females are interested in talking to me about everything.. which is a bunch of nothing. Keep in mind they are still in high school and young. The weird part is they are all females but each female acts different after they see one female waiter talking to me. Maybe they think she is trying to hook up with me or she is flirting but it makes me feel like they they are not being themselves do to the possibilities of being judged by other co-workers. There's so much gossip and weird vibes going around. I'm just curious to know is that how females operate in a restaurant setting? Or is that just women in general when they are in groups like that? . No I feel like I don't want to socialize with anybody that's a females due to the weird vibes I get. Maybe they are just still young and don't know any better but it truly is strange.


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  • i don't socialize with anybody when i'm at school or shit i get exhausted lol

    • I was like that when I was in school. I'm starting to think I'm going to have to go back to being a quiet individual. Oh well if people think I'm weird.

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