Why the sudden silent treatment?

I had a crush on one of my coworkers, and I thought she liked me too, she would come back and talk to me, and even say goodbye before leaving, but after talking with her one night, she told me she had a boyfriend.
I cooled my flirting because I wouldn't want that happening to my girlfriend. But she would still come up and be super friendly and she'd always come over and steal some of my food during lunch. This was back in February and I've just been a friendly coworker now.
But within the last week, she's like been very distant and barely talks or even says hi to me. We just had a meeting the other day, and she sat next to me, and I offered to take her cup and plate because I had a bin and she just gave me this very strange look, like I kicked her cat or something.
She hasn't spoken or even looked at me since. I have no idea why? I haven't made any advances or flirting since she told me she has a boyfriend


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  • There seems like more to the story

    • There really isn't. Other than how she would act with her friend when she saw me. But that's literally all thats gone on... I don't believe I missed anything at least

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    • Goodnight

    • Thank you too

What Guys Said 2

  • Maybe she was have slight issues with boyfriend so she was checking you out. Then the issues with her boyfriend became less of an issue. So now she wants you out of the picture. I'm sure if you would reverse the situation you would understand why.

    • You have a valid point. Very valid. Never thought of that.

  • Cause she has a boyfriend

    • But why not be rude during the flirting? I haven't flirted since she said she has a boyfriend

    • Maybe she didn't know you were flirting with her?
      She probably told her man about it and he got upset and maybe that's why the sudden change?

    • Yeah, true. But I stopped flirting back in Marchish and this just started

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