How to appropriately approach a girl at a bar without look like a creep?


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  • Step 1: be hot. Have a Ferrari be 6'4" and have a high paying job. just kidding hahaha
    Actually, approach her like you would to a friend. Don't appear too drowned in lust or something lol. Don't stare too much at some areas. Ehem ehem. Just be cool and be nice! Be funny too we love it


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  • Go to the bar with good friends. It is good if she can see that you have friends. If you also have female friends with you, that is great. Stuff like that is called social proof, it tells her you're (probably) not a psycho.

    You need to remember everything you bring to the table. You probably have a lot of great "features".

    And then you just have to risk rejection. At the end of the day, that is the name of the game. It's not really about looking cool. It's about doing it even though you don't feel cool.

    • *probably not a loner

      (Psychos can be very popular due to their superficial charm.)

    • I don't have any friends who will go to bars with me

    • Why do you want to pick up girls in bars? There are much easier ways to meet women.

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  • Just start a conversation! The biggest turn off is when a guy is too pushy so do your best to avoid that. Otherwise some pleasant small talk to gauge how she (and you) would feel about more and go from there.

  • Just walk up and ask if you can join her for a drink. Order something for yourself and ask what she’s having and strike up a convo. Introduce yourself and ask her name. The convo should flow as long as you’re not shy lol.


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