How do I let a man know I'm interested while on the job?

Okay first of all i work at a club and a few times a week a young man maybe 23-25 comes to the bar and orders a beer , on the off chance I'm close to the bar i go and prepare his order in place of the bartender. Im attracted to him but i don't know how to let him know... what do you think?


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  • Grab those maraschino cherries you got behind the bar, find one with a long stem, tie it in a knot in your mouth. It doesn't take too long to figure out if you've never done it. Or ask him if he can tie one himself and hand him a cherry. I don't know maybe that's weird? But I could see that being an innocent opener headed in the right direction.

    Or when he's does tying it, snatch it from him and pop it In your mouth quick and swallow it, maintain eye contact throughout. Leave a moment of silence and then with a wide eyed gaze say "now you're a part of me forever 🀫" make sure to include the 🀫 at the end. Should spark a connection and get him feeling comfortable, relaxed and open to conversation.

    • That last part sounds like a deal breaker , i can't wait to try it πŸ˜‚

    • #1 on cosmos top 10 secret tricks guaranteed to woo your dream man. (You won't believe what #3 is!)

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  • Walk up to him and jam a couple fingers straight up his asshole. If he freaks out, just tenderly let him know that you're milking his prostate and he should really thank you. Afterwards, make sure he knows you like diamonds (i mean he needs to know what to buy you). Then sit back and smoke a cigarette because your work is fuckin done here!!


    • Amazing tactic a definite 100% success im sure πŸ˜‚

    • Yea but unfortunately when i did it, all it got me was a trip behind bars. 😞😞
      Luckily, though, it was there that i met the man of my dreams Bubba! His were i bit rough, so that took some getting used to, but those wedding bells were so worth it!!!

    • Sounds like fate put you in that jail to meet the love of your life , isn't destiny such a wonderful thing

  • Give him your number on a piece of paper and tell him to text you. If he likes you he will text you.

    • Thank you i will try this once i work up the courage :)

    • Your very welcome. This way makes it less weird and pretty straight forward. Lol you can do it.

  • Just make eye contact a lot, say something personal about your life like a brief story & ask him personal questions about his life. He will perceive that you are interested β€”even tho yeah, a woman could do that without being interested.

    Smile a LOT. laugh at any stupid joke he says. This time. Not after he is showing he’s interested.

    Disagree with giving him your number. Seems desperate to me. He should ask for it.

  • It's inappropriate for him to hit on you in your work place. It is totally appropriate for you to hit on him.

    Obviously be careful not to piss your employer off.

    It depends on how good at flirting you are. If you have mad skills at flirting just flirt until he flirts back the lead it to the phone number exchange. If you are bad at flirting, ask a question that gets him talking and comment on it and get him thinking about you.

    You've got this, just go for it.

  • Have your number on a note, hand it to him and say "I'm a little busy right now but maybe you'd like to grab a drink when I get off." Then walk away.

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