I told him I like him, now what?

there's this guy that I've had my eye on for quite some time and we didn't really know each other too well. I'd catch him staring at me quite a few times in the beginning of the school year. we started speaking on facebook for a few weeks and we'd say hi to each other whenever we saw each other in school. A few days ago, I told him that I have a crush on him and he didn't exactly say anything but I did notice that he was blushing. When I told him that it's fine if he doesn't feel the same way , he said "I know". I'm confused. By him saying "I know", it makes me think that he isn't interested, but he was also blushing when I told him I had a crush on him. I just want to know whether there's a chance he likes me back or not.


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  • If he does he will make his move, a crush is not real, its infatuation, you don't really know him, if you get to know him better you might not like him...personality wise etc...


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