Why does a girl give me her number then ignore me when I text her?

So I met this girl at a bar the other night and got her number. I talked to her for a few hours and when she was done working she even hung out for about an hour. But I was like you should give me your number. She got her phone out and I was getting mine out and she's like what's your number? I told her and then she texted me and she was like now you know I gave you my real number. That night I was trying to get her to hang out the next day, but she said she had to work, but she'd take off next weekend and hang out with me. She said that she didn't think I would call her when I was sober though and I was like yes I will but I bet you won't answer. So I texted her and was like hey. what's up jenny. its michael. how have you been and she didn't answer me. what should I do now? why would she act so interested that night and now ignore me?


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  • Maybe she wasn't really interested in you. She probably did that not to hurt your feelings or make you feel bad, because I know I do that sometimes


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