I met a girl on a cruise, and ended up in a one night stand..now she randomly stopped talking to me? why?

I met a girl on a cruise ship on the last day of the cruise. We hit it off, spent the day together, and that night she came to my cabin...I'll leave the rest to your imagination. She had already given me her number, facebook, and email. We spoke for about a week after the trip, and we hit it off, but she got wrapped up with searching for a job and what not in her city. She lives in a completely different city from me.

All of a sudden, she just stops answering my texts, signs off of google chat when I try talking to her etc...Really weird, and random. We did not argue, we didn't do anything, she just decided I guess to stop talking to me. She had even wanted to come visit me sometime in January or February of next year...wtf?!? =\

I do not want to keep calling/texting and act as if I'm desperate to talk to her, because I'm not, but it would be nice if someone wanted to stop talking, to just say it to me. You're not going to hurt my feelings by just saying it to my face =\ I'd prefer honesty as opposed to feeling lost as to why they're not talking to me anymore.


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  • I never believe that people are "too busy" to return a text or make a phone call. She may have met someone or she may even have a boyfriend. A lot of my girlfriends have hooked up with guys on vacation and then come back to resume their normal life with their boyfriend. Or she just may be that way, selfish and out of sight and out of mind.

    • Yeah...Perhaps, but I'm pretty good at telling when someone is lying, and when they're not, and I am pretty sure she was telling the honest truth when she said she was no longer in a relationship, and explained why, and why she did not want to be in one for the near future. But true, she could have met someone when she got home... Life moves on, I guess. It sucks though, cus we really clicked, and everything felt so right. =\

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  • i think she might just not want to get envolved, you know. you don't live right next you her, ts not really healthy to maintain it. or maybe she's just going out with another guy :/

  • She's is probably just busy with her life, and the things that are happening around her. Maybe, she got a new boyfriend, or maybe she had one, and he found out. In the midst of things, she may be feeling bad about having a one night stand, and has stopped talking to you out of embarrassment, or hurt of somebody else.

    • No, she is single, and said she did not really want a boyfriend at this point in her life... She had told me that before, and after our one night stand, and we had talked on a regular basis after we'd returned to our respective cities.

    • Well, you truly never know...It really does sound like she may have met another guy. Or got back with an ex perhaps?

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  • You got a played by a playerette haha

    • Lol, that very well could be. But neither one of us had ever done anything like that before. I'm the one who convinced her to come to my cabin, lol, cus she said she didn't want to, cus she'd never done anything like that before, and wasn't trying to either. I wasn't trying to play her. She has been in playboy and everything, lol, so she's definitely not shy, but I really can't see her as a player. =\

    • Do you think she could have told you that so that you could "feel" like you're in control, while in reality she was the one in control?

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