How do I make him jealous?

so I like this guy , and he is trying to make me jealous with anyother girl , so now I want to know how to make him jealous ? like what I could do with my hair , or what to wear or say and do .

thaanks so much for reading and any advice would be amaazing . (:


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  • It looks to me like he's playing with you. Maybe he likes making you jealous because it gives him a positive reassurance that you like him and don't want to lose him. A previous girlfriend of his could have done the same thing to him in the past and he wants to feel macho by know that other girls love him "not only you". And if that's the case then he is really immature. Have a heart felt talk about it with him and let him know if it bothers you?If he keeps doing it, then he simply doesn't care about how you feel, but how he feels.

    Make yourself busy...don't overly ignore him but show you're not completely drooling all over him. If he wants to go out with you say you're busy and go out with your girlfriends. Laugh and have fun with your girlfriends or with other guy "friends". But DO NOT OVER DUE IT. He will notice you then. And probably won't like it, generally he will want more time with you instead of the other girls. Most guys would get the picture and turn to you instead of other girls after that if they truly liked you.

    talk to him. figure out what he's thinking. how he feels for you. ask questions.

    buy a new outfit, something that you feel confident in. and for hair if you usually wear it straight, try curly, or curly try straight. try braid it. pull some hair in a clip. try a poof or bump or whatever they call it. pony tail? bun? aha I don't know try something new.


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  • Try being nice to him sometime you see him, then be indifferent the next time you see him (preferably the same day, so he knows you're not upset or mad). Also, talk to a guy he knows around him (so he can see you talking to the guy), but far enough away so that he can't tell what you're talking about. :)


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  • pretend he does not exist. when you act like you could care less about them or what they are up to...they wonder why. good luck! I would tell you to not try and make him jealous but you are young and that's what young people do so have at it! focus your energy elsewhere and he will react. promise.

    • i knoow for a fact that this works with him because I tried it on Friday and we have 3 outta 4 classes together and he seemed kinda of hurt that I wasn't talking to him and he wouldn't leave me and kept asking me why I was mad at him and he kept trying to make me laugh but it wasn't working and he is pretty sure I am mad because the only time I don't talk to him is if I'm mad or upset about something else . so thaanks . if you have anymore advice pleasee feel free to tell me . (:

    • This could also be discouraging so don't go overboard. If a girl I talked to everyday (and liked as a friend or even as more) suddenly stopped talking to me I would wonder why and try to fix it for a while, but then I would think she genuinely doesn't like me anymore, so I would move on and quit trying.

    • thaanks . and ill keep that in mind. (: