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Falling for me? Is he bullsh*tting?

The other night when I was laying in bed with the guy I've been dating he shocks the hell out of me by saying "I think I'm falling for you." after I had kissed him. And not in a good tone of voice.

I didn't know what to say so I let out a goofy "Say wha?!" and he proceeded to tell me that he liked me. When I told him that I liked him too and joked about how it was a sh*tty time to like someone (being finals week and all) he agreed and said "I think about you a lot". None of this was said in a happy tone really. We talked about all sorts of stuff and then while we were silently cuddling he says "Ok, I have a question for you..." then hesitated to ask it. "Are you usually the one who breaks up or the one broken up with?" I told him that I've only ever been in one real relationship because I don't often like anyone enough to get into one, but I had broken up with my ex because he cheated on me.

He then told me about how he wound up very hurt from his first relationship due to liking the girl a lot and having her break up with him. So we talked about how terrifying it is when you actually like someone enough to want a relationship because there's always the chance of getting hurt and he goes "That's why when I say that I'm falling for you I'm not happy about it, I like you. I mean, I like you A LOT." I assured him that I was in the same boat and I wasn't planning on hurting him and he told me that he wouldn't hurt me either.

Now, my question is, although this was probably the most intense conversation I've had with a guy and he seemed 110% genuine, the skeptic in me is doubting it. Yes, this is the same guy who cooked me dinner for our first date, has already introduced me to his brother, and calls to see how my day is going, but my defense tactic is to assume he's messing with me for sex because this is all moving too soon and feels too 'right'. And that terrifies me because I think I may be falling for HIM.

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Turns out he wasn't bluffing, we're now in a committed relationship and he's still fantastic...so far ;) Thanks for all your responses!
Falling for me? Is he bullsh*tting?
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