I am scared of my feelings do you think he likes me?

Okay so I have never had a boyfriend before but I have been heartbroken by guys I liked and later they didn’t want anything serious, now there is this guy I met bc we were both joining the military, we used to live 1/30minutes away but now we live 5 minutes from each other, I am overseas right now and he is been video calling me in the morning and after he gets off from work. he also uses a lot of heart/kisses emojis but I am just really scared to fall in love and then him not feeling the same? Do you think he is serious?


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  • I think he’s serious about you if he wasn’t he probably wouldn’t want to talk as much

    Can you answer my question please, it’s on my page?

  • ask him about it.
    just do it in a joking manner slip it up during a sarcastic / joking chat.


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