Do you think he likes me back and should I tell him I do?

So we have been very good friends since I was 7 (now Im 15 & he is 16). I fell for him at 13. He is always kind to me and tries to help if I need something. We are usually very touchy. I often play with his hair, hug him from behind while he is sitting on a chair or something. He puts his arm around me, gives me his jacket and walks me home. When our friends, him and I watch a movie, we cuddle. Our friends have even told us that we behave like a couple. Last summer we were kind of friends with benefits (had quite a lot of sex (we dont now)), even though he had a girlfriend at the time and still has. However one thing I do not understand does he like me back or not... most of the time he does all of this, but sometimes he behaves like I dont even exist and ignores me and this really hurts me. He sees that but does nothing.
Im wondering if I should tell him and if he doesn't like me I will gladly move on, but I dont know whats gonna happen if he does...
Do you think he likes me and should I tell him I do?


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What Girls Said 2

  • I think you should definitely go for it, sounds like you like him and if he likes you back then it's great. I think there's a chance he does like you. But you should tell him so as to not regret it later on

  • He only wants you around when he says otherwise you are nothing


What Guys Said 1

  • He’s cheating on his girlfriend


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