What do you talk about during the talking stage? and how often do you talk?

I know it sounds like a dumb question but I've never been in it. Does it come after the initial flirting? And do you talk everyday and all day about everything?


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  • For me, talking is the most important part. I am an emotional person and get down quite often due to family things. More often than not, when I’m interested in a person, I talk to them a lot. I ask all sorts of normal questions like interests etc. Depending on if I have suspicions on them reciprocating feelings, I will talk to them almost every day. (In this stage, I’m just getting to be good friends with them, so I know I actually like them.) After a while, I can start to see how exactly they feel when it comes to talking. I know some people aren’t very good at it, and struggle at times. My past interests ended because they either A. Couldn’t open up to me due to personal issues, or B. Never faced any life struggles so I couldn’t relate to them. I’m talking to someone right now, and he seems to like me, and I think he is a great person to talk to. After I know there’s a chance that we could make it work, I ask deeper questions. Mostly thoughtful stuff that requires reflection like. (Do you consider yourself a good influence? Do you ever think about your standards?)

    I think the best thing you can do, if you truly are interested, is to ask a thought out question every once in a while. No “yes or no” questions. Such as “Do you have any good friends? What do you talk about?” This questioning would make her think you are interested in her. Also, I think there’s nothing more attractive than good mental thinking and social skills. It probably seems like a lot, it just takes practice. Try having a deep convo with a friend, or watch YouTube videos on how to analyze what people say, gets you thinking.😂
    Hope this helps!

    • So if she's interested too shell ask questions? I tried talking to this girl and i would ask questions and she would ask them back to me. Never any of her own questions. She has a boyfriend so im guessing thats why.

      I don't know her boyfriend but i feel like she would have way more fun with me if she was mine. Its just hard to flirt or for us to get to know each other because i can tell she's loyal to her boyfriend.

      She said she doesn't see anything wrong with being friends with guys while she's in a relationship but I don't know what to talk about without her thinking im trying to flirt

    • Well if you are talking to her, you should think about why you are... Are you trying to be friends with her? Or get to know her better? Once you figure out what you want you can ask her whatever depending on the goal. Whereas obviously if you want to date her, you ask her thinking and explaining questions. But if you don’t want her to think you’re flirting... I don’t see why you would want to talk to her. I get it If it’s like you are good friends and talk about the latest plot or memes or something but like, honestly I don’t know what you would want to talk about with her if it’s not that kind of thing. Also if she’s got a brain, she would probably see that you are trying to talk to her for a reason. So I don’t think you can avoid her thinking you aren’t flirting, unless you really stress the “friendliness” in the convo. But that’s almost boring to be honest...
      Anyway good luck with her!

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  • This is the part I always fail at. I go completely stoic and then get dumped on my ass. My poor advice would be say anything.


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