Does he like me more than just friends/colleges?

Long story short, I met this guy in my University last year. He's a former army guy, a veteran if you will.
We didn't speak for the last 4 months because of the summer holidays and I don't have any of his contacts. He doesn't have any social media (no Facebook, Instagram etc.) and I never got his number.
Three days ago, we saw each other, first day of class after the summer, and he seemed excited to see me, he gave me huge hug and a squeeze.
Yesterday, I went with a number of friends from Uni on a field trip, and he happened to be there as well.
When he saw me, he came from the side and hugged me, with his whole arm around me, and kissed my temple.
My issue is that I don't understand if he likes me, or if he's being friendly, since he hugs almost everyone, in different way, yes, but he hugs all of his friends.
What do you think? You'd help me a lot by sharing your thoughts.


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  • High chance he wants to bang


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