He says he likes me, but he's a player. Does he actually like me?

He tells me I'm beautiful, calls me babe and hun, tells me he wants to date me and always compliments me, but never makes an effort to hang out. I called him out on being a player, and he didn't fret a bit. He just told me he's not like that anymore. He also tells me that he'll never hurt me. Everyone tells me he's a player, but I really like him and believe everything he tells me. I don't know what to do anymore.


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  • If 9 people say you're drunk and you say you're sober, it's time to lie down. If he doesn't show the effort and all these people are saying crap, maybe it's better to listen.

    • I know he's a player and I know all of his tricks, but for some reason I think it'll be different with us.

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