Should I add that snap?

So I was out with all my friends and I ended up getting with a lad like I sucked his dick that’s all though low key kinda like him so I followed him on insta didn’t get a follow back but he liked one of my posts the next day should I add him on sc or not? I wanna try cuff this dude but I feel like I’ll come off as desperate

Points that factor in

(i was walking one day was in a bad mood so I walked past him and his friends said hi but one of them asked if I was talking to the lad but I just walked away even though he was there)(that was also the day people called him saying to come out for me but he said later after he seen I went home he went home too)
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What Guys Said 1

  • so, you acted like a slut basically

    • Yes iwl I enjoyed that shit though

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    • *man

    • men*

What Girls Said 1

  • its just sc, the bar for adding someone is pretty low. I'd say sucking his dick counts


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