How do I go about the situation of a girl I like?

So there’s this girl I like in a retail store while I was buying a shirt. she works at the register we spoke for a little bit and she added herself on my Facebook and same afternoon i messaged her but fb massager said its only sent not delivered. I know she likes me she was accually asking things about me and so forth. I sent follow request in insta but nothing and all this started from yesterday. I dont know what to do and really don’t wanna fuck this up, do i go visit her at the store again (help!) thanks


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  • try to messages her directly from facebook, not messanger, maybe she doesn't have messanger

    • Thank you so much for your reply!. I just checked fb safari and still has my message there. Only now i can't see the delivered or not like i. An with Messenger. Would be silly to send another?

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    • Ok ill give it a shot i wish i could send a screen shot

    • Nah nothing😞 but iv noticed she's changed details on her profile

  • yeeeeh go visit her. see what happens then and take it from there

    • Thank you so much for your reply! Well im looking for work as well and said to her ill come back next few days to drop a resume, how should i start a convo, for ex. To ask her out?

    • yes. but only if you get a feeling that she feels the same way

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