How do I get over this person?

Ok, here's the full story. I met my now best friend in my junior year of high school. I told him everything and I kind of started to like him, but he didn't feel the same way. I never told him throughout high school, because a lot of girls liked him (he was very flirtatious) and I was scared to lose my best friend. Anyway, he's always had my back and been very supportive and I've never been rude/mean to any of his past and current girlfriend. However, it's seriously been about 3 years. I should be moving on now and should be over this but I'm not and I don't know why. I've even tried to go on other dates, but nothing seems to work. I talk to him about everything, but I feel like he doesn't tell me a whole lot about his life anymore unless I directly ask. We are both at separate colleges but still in the same city. He's even accidentally slept over at my house before (nothing happened). In the past, he's never been open to me about his relationships and if i ask how they are going he usually gives me a short answer like "going great". He didn't use to be like that until I had a mental breakdown in my junior year. Sometimes I have suspected he's liked me but I have to tell myself that he has a girlfriend he's happy with and I don't want to ruin that. Anyway, am I crazy for still liking him after three years? Have any of you come to this situation? If so, how do you just tell yourself to get over it?
also thanks in advance for reading. it is well appreciated. :)


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  • No, your feelings are perfectly normal. What you first need to work out is whether he sees you as a potential girlfriend (that's something different than just liking you). He may not, and that is not in any way a negative assessment of you as a person, because compatibility is a big factor in that.

    If you think it may be realistic, wait until the next time he is single to see if his feelings may have changed. It's been long enough since the last time you let him know that it's possible they may have.


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