What does eye contact mean?

So there is this guy in my office. He is my friend. He is in a relationship for ten years. We talk as good friends.
This guy, he always makes eye contact with me. Not a simple look but he stares right into my eye for 20 seconds and more.
One day he had to come to my desk to talk about some work related stuff. Then again he made this eye contact.
He really did not even blink his eyes. He also smiled when he made eye contact. He stopped only when his boss called him.
Otherwise I doubt whether he would've stopped it.

Does this mean he has any feelings for me? But also he says he loves his girl truly and that he'll marry only her and no one else.

What exactly is happening?


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  • Then why u want to. know if he has feeling for you? He told you he. loves and will marry that other girl
    So what is more to understand in that?


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