Girls, College and HS ones, whats ur reaction to him saying that?

My boyfriend told me he used to be a big player when we met. He's 19 and I'm 18. I've run into a lot of guys like that, and I wear black legging a lot because I'm thick, 5'3 and 155. I keep a poker face on me when they approach too. He had approached me like all players do. Tried to ignore my big booty and legs, and not look down. Too thick and black leggings-got him easily, just like the rest. He looked down and his jaw dropped hard. He panicked and looked up, but right at my poker face, can't get through it. He was like "awww, look..."and then told me what he tried on me and why, thought it'd work on me and got destroyed. Said his ego tanked and he gave up the act. Ijust kept a poker face. What do u think of him admitting it like that and giving up?
  • I'm not 1 of these girls
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  • I am. I think 😄😄good job girl!
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  • I am. I think😕😕maybe he learned his lesson, congrats for getting him by the way
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  • I am. I think😡😡😡uh-huh, it's about time! Good job on him!
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  • I am. I think😉😉wear me more often and don't lose weight, just to be sure!
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  • I am. I think😠😠serves that jerk right for trying that on u! Keep wearing me a lot around him!
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