Can he forget about the kiss (it was a mistake)?

He is my friend. We were both drunk and made out. Weve met after that and avoided this topic as if it never happened. And things are awkward even tho we dont talk about it. I really do appreciate him as a friend, but nothing more. I still want to remain friends. But is it possible after make out session? Considering that we both werent on the right mind then.


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  • It’s possible. One of you just needs to break the ice and make a joke about it somehow. Self deprecating is always good so as to not make the other person feel bad about the situation.

    • I kinda tried that.. It happened in a party. And we were watching a movie with a few friends yesterday. And they started to talk about that party. And I said that I can't believe how drunk I was, told them a story (where I embarassed myself) of that night. And then said that sometimes we really do stupid things when we drink. And then he made an eye contact with me. He sakd "we sure do" and went outside for a smoke. And it was already different topic when he came back. He almost didn't talk with me the whole evening after that. So I kinda made it worse than it was before

    • You’ll get past it just don’t make him feel ugly or beneath you for kissing. Just chalk it up to shit happens, moving along now.

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  • Just bring it up in a joking way and hope he hasn't fallen for u already

  • Pardon, certainly.
    Forget? No.

    • Ok, not to forget but somehow deal with it? It was a mistake that will never happen again. I dont want to lose a friend because Im dumb when Im drunk.

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