What does it mean if a guy friend invites you to dinner at his house?

I have a guy friend who invited me over to his house for dinner, his birthday is in the middle of the week but the dinner is on a Saturday. He mentioned there was gonna be like six people so I’m guessing they’re family. It’s my first time actually being invited to his house. I have a huge crush on him and i think he might like me back too. Would this be considered a friendly thing since we’ve known each other for a little over two years? We’ve hung out alone a couple times too, did stuff like grab dinner or watch a movie. He mentioned that he wanted to go to the mall with me soon too to get some new clothes.


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  • I think it is just a friend thing. I've been to my crush's apartment and she's been to mine a few times. Plus you said there's going to be a bunch of other people there. Although I think he should give you a heads-up if he's going to introduce you to his family or something like that.

    • Forgot to add that he’s fifteen years older than I am. He’s never been to my house, he has picked me up from my house before but not the former. I didn’t ask whether it was family but assumed it was, so I’m just planning on dressing conservatively.

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