How do you ask for the second date if the first one goes well?

Should I ask for the week after or how should I ask for a second one?


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  • the sad truth is that if you call her too soon, she might think you're a pushover, or that you're desperate.

    if you want a second date, my rule-of-thumb is to wait 3 to 5 days before calling again. and, when you call again DO NOT leave a message and DO NOT text. that's giving her too much control, and playing by her rules. I prefer to establish a good time to call during the first date, ask her "what's the best time to call when you'll actually pick up the phone?" if she's evasive or vague, I consider it a red flag that she's going to play phone tag. but if she answers with a specific time (such as "Between 4 and 8 pm") that's a much better sign.

    Good luck!

    • I wait 3 days myself. Most women I tell that to think 3 days is too long for her to wait.

    • Are you serious? 5 days? if a guy doesn't at least establish communication for that long , I think he has found another woman. I assume if he is into me, he will be dying to talk to me

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  • It's really not that challenging and there are no rules. If you like the girl and the first date is going well, ask her if you can see her again (while you are on the date). Don't make her wait, don't play games. If you want a girl and you're sincere about wanting to get to know here, there isn't a point to game playing, or following rules to not seem "desperate".

    Just remember to treat her how you want to be treated. If you want her to screw with your head, then by all means, screw with hers, make her wait. If you want honesty and transparency and an adult relationship, then act like an adult and treat her with some respect, dignity, and honest communication.

    The first date will set the precedence for the rest of the relationship.

  • It's not hard. You tell the person that you had a great time abd that you'd like to do it again. If they say they feel the same you say that you'll call them soon to arrange something. Then you make that call and you go out again. It's not rocket science.


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  • I'm with noivus. Give it a few days then give her a call when she will be able to answer. If you can establish a good time then that's great. Even if you don't establish a time just call, if she doesn't answer she will see that you call and will hopefully call you back. If she doesn't answer and doesn't call back that may not mean you are out all together, people get busy and forget to return calls. If she doesn't call back give it a few more days and call again. If she still doesn't answer and doesn't return your call I would think about it a bit before I decided whether to call again. But I would say no voice mails or texts man. It's got to be on your terms.