Do you like when a girl approaches you? For the guys!

Guys, how would you like a girl to come up and strike a conversation with you? Can I have examples of what you'd like her to talk about and what you think of her when she does? (The girl obviously likes you) Would you judge her based on her appearance?

If girls have read this explain what you have said if you've gone up to a guy you like and just started talking.

Please and thank you (:

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  • I have no problems with a girl comming over and talking to me, I might be attracted to her aswell or I might not, I might become attracted to her personality if her looks wouldn't be too "amazing".

    I don't know her yet, so first thing that'll be "judged" is appearance and how she "carries" herself.

    Personally.. I like "different" people.So not the usual... hey how are you, what do you do, where do you work/go to school, what direction do you follow if your in school, what do you do for fun etc.

    I like people who can "read" the situation, comment on it and then just start about something related or even completely different that isn't related to who i/they are as a person. Its "abnormal" or at the very least uncommon and thus more enjoyable.. at least that's what I think ;)

    an example of a few days ago;

    I was walking to the trainstation as I had just finished work(i'm a lifecoach) but I was still thinking about a few things I should do/do when I get home and this girl who walked by simply asked me "why do you have such a puzzled face?" and from there it just came naturally, we talked about my weekend, told the story of why I had that puzzled face and then eventually we got to me enjoying to travel, her study on travel & culture and we just talked about whatever came to mind.

    I had fun and I'll see her again next week for drinks =)

    The more you try to force a conversation or "stick to whatever I'd say now" the worse it'll go as the less natural it'll seem and the more it'll seem like you planned it all in advance, the reason I stopped to talk(and figured I could take the next train) is because she read the situation and commented on it and just started talking about whatever I threw at her, it was fun and it was absolutely random which made it interesting.

    • Thank you so much for your insight,!

      It really helped.


      And good luck on your get together next week. (:

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What Guys Said 6

  • Being a pretty shy and awkward guy, I do like it when girls approach me - usually conversation is dependant on situation (waiting in line for a gig, for example, obviously music is the icebreaker). As much as I know that personality is just as/more important, I admit I would initially judge a girl based on her appearance; after all what else have I to go on?

    Strictly speaking though, I am really dense and even when a girl is dropping hints like anvils I manage not to notice, so maybe I'm not the best example.

    • So you'd judge her first hand on her appearence, that's understandable. But if you liked her personality during the conversation, would her appearence matter that much to you?

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    • That makes sense. Sometimes females can have this attitude that makes me wanna just strangle them and pull every strand of hair out of their scalp XD But that's just me. Like I have friends that always need a confidence boost because they think a guy won't like them because they think they're 'fat', or 'chunky'. Any advice for them? And they should go up to a guyy,?

    • Not sure about advice specifically, but as for should they go up to a guy: I think anyone who likes anyone should make an effort to approach them (well apart from the obvious exceptions, like people who are already spoken for) male or female. If you don't try you'll never know.

  • i'd be kinda flattered

    and yea at the first instant I'd be definitely judging on her appearance

    A simple line like,"hey I thought you were cute,so I thought I'll come talk 2 u" can work like charm

  • well yea you judge 2 an extent and just ask questions like where you from , are you dating anybody, ummmmm! what kinda cool-aid do you like oh and smile a lot you have a beautiful smile!

  • yea

  • Yeah it would be a confidence boost.

  • I'm really bad at picking up when a woman is flirting with me. I just think she's overly friendly and outgoing. I just wish more women would say they like him instead of all the signals. I feel like I'm in baseball and the female is the couch. She pats her ear, nudges her nose, touches her left elbow. Does she want me to get the door for her or to say some random compliment?

    • Why is it so hard to pick up if a girl likes you? For girls MOST OF THE TIME, it's completely obvious. It's the guys that you can't read.

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    • Same here, but I am legendarily bad among my friends for not picking up really obvious hints xD

    • But see, when there IS something wrong, the guys I know tend to still say nothing is wrong.

What Girls Said 2

  • I approached a guy for the first time at Valentine's day at school, and asked him to be my valentine :D he got weirded out and very nervous but he later accepted, he's my boyfriend now, we've been together for 9 months now! :D

    i guess it pays to take the risk!

  • i've approached guys before. I don't use a pick up line or anything stupid, but I talk about things around us and move on to other topics

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