Girls: Crushing on older guys?

So, we’ve all seen movies where some older action hero ends up with the young babe. And laughed at the implausibility of it. Think Roger Moore with Tanya Roberts (nearly 30 years his junior) in View to a Kill.

But does it really happen? I’m not talking about buxom young sex-bombs hooking up with 90-year-old billionaires. I mean just ordinary folk.

I’m in my late 40’s, but I look after myself and work out, so I look maybe 10 years younger. A friend I work with in an acting ensemble has begun to show some interest. Nothing blatant enough that I can be 100% certain, but I’ve been around the sun enough times to know flirting when I see it.

Thing is, she is less than half my age. Stunningly pretty, smart and funny. She would have dozens of guys her own age hanging on her every word.

So I’m concerned that what I’m “seeing” is really mid-life-crisis wish-fulfilment. I ask myself “What could a girl like that possibly see in a guy like me? I’m the same age as her parents!”

And then she’ll turn up at my home. Or send me something flirty on fb. Or lift her dress to show me the area she was thinking of getting a tattoo (front hip, just above the bikini line)

And then I’m all confused again.

Girls, did you, or do you ever secretly crush on guys twice your age? And did it just remain a fantasy, or did you ever do anything about it?
Girls: Crushing on older guys?
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