Is my ex-boyfriend completely over me or does he still have feelings for me?

My ex-boyfriend of 2 years just broke up with me 7 months ago. He said it was because he didn't want someone in his life right now who cares about him so much. He just turned 21 and I turn 23 soon. We didn't talk at all(text or call)not once for 3 straight months and finally saw each other for the 1st time beginning of nov. Since nov, we texted prob once a month. However last week, I finally got up the courage to confront him at school and ask him if he's uncomfortable around me or just doesn't want to talk to me, and he said yes. He said he's completely over me, is not attracted to me whatsoever and can't see himself with me in his future anymore. That wasn't the case (not once) in our entire relationship with each other. He has asked me to marry him one day and that basically sums up how serious we were about each other. Anyway, this last week after I confronted him, I said I at least want to have him as my friend again because we were best friends before we started dating. and he said yes he would like that too, and so that was taken care. He then asks if I want to check out his new car and we take a drive, come back to the college and start making out and everything, and it was amazing. The next day he texts me, which was the most we had talked (with just those 2 days) combined with the last 7 months. The other day we meet up at night and end up having sex and kissing and everything imaginable. It was incredible and at the end, he asked how I was doing and I said I'm doing just fine and he said he just wanted to make sure because he doesn't want me to feel bad that we are now "friends with benefits" and that he still doesn't feel anything for me again and nothing has change.

Guys and girls-please give me some feedback as to what you think is going on. Is he scared that he might still have feelings for me or is he just being a "man" and is just wanting to do this because its with someone he's had experience with it and trusts? Don't get me wrong, he's an incredible person with a lot of pride in his family, very driven with his full time school and is extremely focused on his job and getting the best career for his future. But I would just like some advice or feedback as to what this looks like so far. I can't tell if he's still totally over me, even though he's not denying wanting to kiss me and all that other stuff. Is he just being macho or could there still be something still there that he just won't admit? Thanks.


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  • I feel where your coming from. My ex and have a baby together and often talked about marriage have been broken up a little over a month. We broke up over a dumb argument and he up and moved out that next day and got his own apt. He at 1st wanted to work it out and see how it went because he loved me and missed me. Then 2 days later told me he wasn't in love with me anymore. I was crushed and couldn't believe he said that or the fact he actually moved out at all. We had been so happy, hardly ever fought,the argument that led to him leaving we both agreed was dumb. Now we have been apart a month and finally are really putting forth effort in getting along, and trying to be friends. I am also no longer begging, questioning, or trying to get back together (even though us back together is exactly what I want.But I know begging etc...will push him away, plus I love him as a person not just lover and he is my best friend, we were friends b4 we dated.) In fact we are doing the friend with benefit thing. We just had sex for the 1st time since we broke up and agreed to this. The sex was amazing as usual. Afterwards we watched a movie and then did it again. He then laid on my lap like we always did when we watched tv...then he asked me to lay next to him and we cuddled. It was just like old times...until it was time for him to leave and go to his new apt. He kissed our baby goodbye. He didn't kiss me but he told me goodbye and text me that he had fun and we would do it again soon. I don't know what to think...I didn't expect any cuddling to take place. Any advice? Ty!


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  • He already told you. He now thinks you two are friends with benefits. You aren't a couple, nor does he have any plans on that. You're a booty call. That's about it.

    • i told him I don't care about the relationship part, if we are friends with beneits, its totally fine with me because ide rather have that than nothing at all

    • Then you're good to go.

    • Suppose so

  • He still has feelings


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