Texting again without seeming desperate?

So, I met a guy (he gave me his #), and in the first two weeks we were talking, we went on three dates (two the first week, one the next). Our last date was almost two weeks ago, and it definitely seemed like there would be a date four, and since then, I've heard from him twice- once the day after (he texted me) and once this past week (I texted him). I texted him again the next day, and never heard back.

I'm concerned that on our last date, in an effort to not seem to eager, I played it too cool and came off as disinterested, especially because I didn't really try to make conversation with him at all until nearly a week later. It's actually just the opposite- I get really shy when I start to really like someone, and I started to really like him and felt too nervous to start conversation through text all week, or keep the one conversation we had going.

I want to text him again today, to make conversation/show I'm interested and to maybe try to make plans for this week. But I'm concerned I'm coming off desperate- I texted him Wednesday (it's Sunday) and he never texted back. I know for a fact he's been super busy, and the last time I heard from him I mentioned that I had a good time on our last date and asked him out again, he said he had had fun the last time we went out but was busy all week. He didn't have to say he had fun or text me back in the first place, so that leads me to believe that he is still interested (and I'm aware I'm over thinking this).

So I'd like to text him tonight, and have no idea what to say to him. Part of me just wants to be like "Listen, you're really cool and I'd like to hang out again, are you free this week?" but I feel like that's too much. But on the other hand, I feel like just saying what's up (which was the last text I sent) won't get his attention enough for a response. What should I do to not seem desperate, but still get his attention (and maybe a fourth date)?

Also, I'm on kind of a time crunch- he's in town for his job for only like, another month. If anything is going to happen, it's gotta happen like...now.


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  • Wait a couple of days to get a hold of him don't text him right away.

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