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Guys, Does he see me as a friend or is he into me?

So this guy i work with use to text me a lot like 24/7 asking me to hang out, he even told me that he think’s im hot.
It all became too much and he seemed very desperate for a while, this was before i really knew him so i thought it was kind of weird.

Anyways i guess i started to act a bit cold twoards him and told him that i couldn’t hang out, it just became too much.
And now he’s not texting me much at all, he do text me first like out of nowhere and we talk almost everyday but he doesn’t ask me to hang out and stuff.
I even asked him to hang like a week ago but he said he was tired and couldn’t.
I feel like he’s a bit distant but at the same time i feel like he cares... im really confused.

i know it’s probably my fault cause i was acting cold. im just trying to figure out if he likes me. Cause even in the begining when he texted me 24/7 he didn’t really act like he was into me when i saw him at work. Like no flirting nothing.
Guys, Does he see me as a friend or is he into me?
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