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Guys - how do I know if this guy is attracted to me?

So there’s this white guy at Work that I find very attractive. To make things complicated he’s white and I’m a hijab wearing Muslim girl. Yes, I know but I can’t help it I’m so attracted to him. I’ve added his number so he can view my WhatsApp story. He always views my story and whatever I post though hasn’t texted me. On my story I post pics of me of having fun like a normal British girl.

However, at Work he pays me no attention but that’s mainly because I’m very quiet and keep to myself, although I’ve caught him giving me a few glances. Also when I dressed up at Work once showing some of my hair, he looked at me like he liked what he saw. The thing is we’re both shy and reserved people. And it’s hard for me to approach him as he’s always with a group of guys. Also me being Muslim makes the situation difficult as I can’t just blatantly flirt with him. He may also see me as off limits and probably doesn’t know how to go about it.

how do I know whether he has a crush on me? How do I know if he likes me?

White guys could you fancy Muslim girls?
Guys - how do I know if this guy is attracted to me?
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