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Mixed signals, what next?

The girl I like is giving me some mixed signals at least I think so. When we see each other at work, we are both very smily, make a lot of jokes, it feels as if we are both a bit nervous, she does a few odd things. Dropping stuff, making random comments etc, but that could just be her as person to be honest.

I started (never her) a few text conversations on FB, and in her messages she is always full of energy. There are no really short answers, will keep the conversation a little bit, uses lots of emojis. The main problem is that she takes a good 1-3 hours to respond on average.

Another thing. I did ask her if she wanted to meet up outside of work, which she said would be really nice, but the day before when I had to double text to find out what time she wanted to meet, she asked if we could rearrange as she has literally no money and would like to wait until payday. She promised (without me asking) that she did still want to meetup and wasn't just flaking, but I can't help but think, if she really wanted to meet up, she lives alone so has a house free where she doesn't have to spend any money (I do understand that it might not be comfortable to invite me round though) or I also offered to pay as I did invite her, but she didn't want that. (Not ages since she came out of a long term relationship so maybe wants to be independent?).

I like this girl a lot, and she suggests that she at least wants to be my friend, but how much more effort do I put in when it feels as if she doesn't put much in, because it's just painful.
Mixed signals, what next?
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