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Should I wait for girls to approach me?

I am 20 years old, never had girlfriend. Once i asked my best friend i had crush she told me she likes me as a friend although it looked to me and even 5 years after like she had crush to me. I can't belive how it turned out she was just nice. Second girl i liked, i started flirting with her from the start, touching her, blah, blah. I stoped because in the beggining i was sure she is attracted to me, but later she told me what happened we were so nice friends even though we were never friends, never hang out and i was mostly flarting with her and she with me. Every time i got so hurt i need three years to recover, my hurt hurts a lot. I start to think that it is pointless to pusrue women you like, because she will only be friendly because she doesn't want to be mean and you will think she likes you. Should girl approach me if she likes me? Never happened so far.
Should I wait for girls to approach me?
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