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If a guy say maybe when you ask him if he like you what does it mean?

I’ve been talking to this guy for already half a year and he’s 25 while I’m 20, our relationship is very ambiguous like, it’s like we are going out but we’re not really? We always talk on the phone everyday, calling and messaging, but we never met each other irl, we saw pictures of each other but we never met. And from time to time he ask me if I like him, he asked me that question about 4 times, we started talking in April til now. The first time i just say yes, as yes I like you because you are easy to talk to and I enjoy your company, not the I like you romantically, but I never asked him the same question, the second time he asked, i told him a casual « yeah » because, yes, yes i do like him A LOT but I did not want to show him that I’m in love with him and make myself look like I’m desperate to show him that, and the third time He asked that question I said the same things and asked what about you? and he said « I don't know » just that, I don't know not I don’t know but I don't know. And today was the 4th time he asked me that and I said « yes I do, a little » he responded with « okay » and then I asked him « and you? » he said « maybe » So how should I interpret this? Bc I’m really confuse like extremely excited but also afraid.. so much that I had to ask my question here lol 😂😂
If a guy say maybe when you ask him if he like you what does it mean?
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