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Can a man and a woman be friends after they kissed a few times?

A friend of mine that I have known for a little over a year but didn't start talking to much until January and I have gotten closer since then. She was a mutual friend of my ex and we both have a lot in common and good chemistry that made people ask us if we were together when we hang out.

She helped me a lot when my ex broke up with me at the end of February and has flirted a lot, but told me she doesn't want a relationship. Whenever we hung out these last few months she kissed my cheek when we left. The last few times these past weeks though it has been on the lips. She initiated it the first couple of times and when I asked her she said it felt in the moment and felt right. The third time we hung out I kissed her.

We had a talk about boundaries this past weekend and it seems like she's getting hot and cold vibes, and for me I tried to clarify what she meant because I figured the boundaries changed after we kissed those last couple of times. Now I am honestly more confused and down. I want something more physical with her, but she said she didn't want her goals to cross and get conflicted.

At this point I don't know if she's playing hard to get, because anything else like friends with benefits or relationship is off the table for her and I feel worse. I am starting to think my best course of action is to stay away at this point and let these feelings die. I want her, but she doesn't seem to want me and this has left me confused and hurt.

Anyone else have this problem before? It feels like everything changed and going back to what we were earlier feels like I got strung along is all.
Can a man and a woman be friends after they kissed a few times?
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