Girls, Is a girl into me through snapchat?

Met this 17 year old girl on snapchat. I accidentally added her and she snapped me asking who I was. I said it must have been an accident and she said "That's alright. Do you want to be friends?" and I said sure. Now every few days, she'll snap me videos to start a conversation. She'll start off with "Now that we're friends I thought we'd have a chat" and then she'll go on to tell me what she's up to. HERE'S THE THING. After a couple of sentence, she'll do a little kissing noise with her lips. Why do you think she's doing that? Is she trying to tell me something? Am I supposed it do it too or something?
1 y
It's a straight out kiss with the lips actually
Girls, Is a girl into me through snapchat?
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