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Is it hard for you to start conversations?

So I thought this guy was just not interested because I always texted him, he always replied quickly and asked me questions but still because everyone told me that if he doesn’t initiate he isn’t interested. So it got to me and I got really upset, I ended up texting him angry which I shouldn’t have done and told him that I’m done. He text me saying he doesn’t want that and he likes talking to me.

Because I listened to all these online dating advice sites I got so worked up. I realized after a long chat he is a very awkward person that doesn’t find it easy to open up. I’m a extremely confident person I could have a full blown conversation with a wall. I want to ask people who find it difficult to make conversation, Is it harder for a guy because society tells us that you have to initiate all the time even if you might be extremely shy?
Yes I find it extremely hard
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No I love to talk
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I’m somewhere inbetween it depends on the person I’m talking too.
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Is it hard for you to start conversations?
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