How do I approach a girl at a bar?

So, I'm turning 21 next week. I don't go out much, but if I do it's for music open mics and gigs that I do. I've not had a relationship or been intimate with anyone AT ALL since I was like 18 so I wanna kinda change that.

I've been with 2 girls but they were back when I was at high school so it was easier. Plus, I don't think I'm as interesting or as cool as I was now I'm an adult. It's been that long, I'm getting lonely lol!

The problem I have is that I'm a massive introvert. I don't like to talk (especially too much about myself because that's cringe) and I'm just awkward! Like, what do I say? How do I go up to a girl and start talking? Any tips and tricks?
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Should probably have said I play music for a living so I'm always at bars but I tend to just pack up and leave after I'm done. I get too awkward around new people haha.
How do I approach a girl at a bar?
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