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Are these signs of flirting or am I overthinking?

There’s a guy (family friend’s kid) I’ve known since we were kids. But, we didn’t see each other for years. Then, when we saw each other again in our 20s, I noticed a few things. Before I get into it, I just want to say he knows I’m totally off-limits because I’m in a relationship and our dads are so close they’re practically brothers.

The things I’ve noticed:

1) He occasionally compliments my looks and personality (maybe it’s just him being a nice person). I’m in a serious, long-term relationship and he says nice things to me about my SO, too.

2) Anyway, the big thing I noticed was when we were sitting next to each other and someone made a joke about me and he put his hand on my thigh right near my knee and slightly squeezed it to (jokingly) defend me.

3) He also hugs me everytime we see each other and say bye (even when my SO is there). This may just be normal for people who like to touch, though.

4) I’ve noticed whenever we’re hanging out (without my SO), he sits really close to me to the point that our arms touch.

So, am I overthinking it or does he actually want to be physical with me?
Are these signs of flirting or am I overthinking?
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