He keeps saying he wants to see me but never sets a date...Why is he doing this??

i've known this guy for almost 3 years never been in a relationship so I guess you call it friends with benefits but I fell in love with him and he claims he loves me too. well back in Nov he told me he was with his child's mom so I completely cut off all ties with him. He contacted me through facebook and would occasionally message me I deleted fb mainly to focus on my life and so he wouldn't contact me because I wasn't strong enough to start back being friends with him. a week later he texts me which was surprising because I thought he lost my number. well he keeps saying how he wants to see me and when I say OK he never says when. last night he texted me asking if I was coming to see him or if he was coming to me and when I replied back asking what he wanted he never responded. I don't understand why he is doing this. Can someone please give me insight


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  • Maybe he just wants to see if you're still interested to boost his ego, worst case scenario. Or maybe he's not terribly happy with his childs mom, and reaching out to you, but at the same time wants to keep things together with her so when it seems you two will actually meet he pulls away. Hrm..thats also worst case scenario...cause either way its more about what he wants than how this behavior is affecting you.

    Id lay off off or any contact or trying to meet up with him until/unless he's single, clear and free to spend time with you and avoid this sort of dynamic altogether.

    • Thats the thing I never contact him he always contacts me so I don't understand what's the reason of him trying to meet up when I'm not going after him. why don't he just lay off and be with his child's mom and not contact me

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    • yeah you're right...but its so hard when you're in love with someone and they ask to see you and say they miss you to ignore that or not get happy about it. I was moving on at one point until he started back contacting me and now its driving me crazy again...

    • Yeah...doesnt make sense. I have a guy in my life causing me all sorts of conflict too...just like with your situation, I don't think he has bad intentions or doing it on purpose...but that doesn't make it any easier to handle or avoid.