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Mixed signals.. confused?

I met a girl from my class back in first semester (around October 2010) and we hit up. There wasn't really a close clique and we just were class-mate/friends. I used to sit right next to her during class and we'd write notes to each other. I notice that she usually smile/laugh a bit with the notes & text. Then, there are times when I text her and there's no response. 2 days before Christmas, I made her a greeting card from A4 paper with a drawing of a flower & Winnie The Pooh; I gave it to her in class. On Christmas & my b-day, she sent me a text on those 2 days wishing me a Merry X-mas & Happy B-day.

I haven't texted her for a few weeks and started texting her again. Today, I asked her how she was doing in class and when her b-day was; indeed, I hinted her that I remembered her b-day month. Currently planning of sending her a b-day gift (possibly chocolate and slices of different cakes).

Adding extra info: I had a friends with benefits and the day I met this girl, my friends with benefits stopped putting out and said that I should find a girl who'd treat me better. Second occasion was when univ was overwhelming and I had already planned on going to a club or whore-house for a night. Ended up texting her from my dorm room and didn't go anywhere. Deja vu?

So... where do I stand in terms of a females' POV?

No, she doesn't know I had a friends with benefits nor planned on getting h0es.

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Turns out she is seeing someone else. Thanks for the help.

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Mixed signals.. confused?
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