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Do I have a chance with this girl I like, but started to ignore?

There's this girl in my English class that I've liked for about a month. We had initiated contact, but due to many factors we haven't really talked much. Plus I decided to ignore her after she wouldn't say hi in class. In any event this is what happened today, and I would really appreciate it if someone could give me some advice:

Before class I ran into her outside of the hallway, and we made eye contact so I decided to say hey and she said it as well. She didn't really stop so I asked her where she was heading and she said: "to class." She said it kind of smiling but also kinda like in a weird way so I made nothing of it.

Now going into class she walks in and says hi to another guy she knows in there, but when another guy she talks to sits next to me. She won't even turn around to say hi to him. Personally I think this is because in class she just tries to avoid making eye contact with me, and she won't even say anything to me in general. So I'm stuck sitting there w/o anything to do but look at my phone. I did catch her looking at me from the corner of my eye when I was looking on Google news on my phone, and taking some notes on something, but I don't know I'm just not sure. I mean she talks really loud with these guys, and I was about to jump in and ask something to her but when I look at her she just tries to look away? I don't know this situation has me arghhh.

Do you guys think I have a shot, or should I just leave her alone?
Do I have a chance with this girl I like, but started to ignore?
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