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Girls, did I give the impression that I ignored this girl?

Hey ladies got a question for you. It probably shouldn't be a big deal, but I admit I cannot help but think about this. Sorry if this is a tad long.

So I met this girl at work. I think we've both noticed each other for a while. I did notice a few things from her that gave me the impression that she was at least checking me out, like being in the same places I was to throw something in the trash (even though there's another trash that's closer to her desk) and looking at me from afar while outside. So I decided to go with my gut instinct and make a bold move yesterday. I talk to her outside and mention how we both work in the same department. It was a brief conversation, but at least we introduced ourselves. I could tell she's more so the quiet and shy type of girl, so I figured its better to start slow and not talk much. Today I see her walking outside in the same area, and while we don't talk, we do smile very big while passing by each other. So at least that barrier is broken, but now the part that I'm concerned about:

I saw her outside of a meeting room later that day that my coworkers were scheduled to meet at, and she smiled at me again (like she was beaming). BUT leave it to me to not smile back at her this time. I only look at her briefly, but with no smile. Just a blank stare and then I take my eyes off of her smiling face because my mind was thrown off completely like it was in a zone. Me and my coworkers were concerned we went to the wrong room, but realized it was correct. But in the process I pass her up completely with no reaction. Didn't say hi, no smile, nothing. (turns out she was also there for a meeting but for a different room). It is possible she saw that like I'm ignoring her?
Girls, did I give the impression that I ignored this girl?
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