Do you read this as a red flag?

So I have been texting with this guy from work for two days... Expecially during the night because I have night shits and have more free time and I suggested him we could grad a cup of coffee in the morning since we won't be sleeping this night
I will paraphrase
He said he is way too excited for coffee rn in meaning of he is hard but he will be ready in the morning
But for me it seems weird too share such info
He apologized for saying that
Well do you find it weird or is it just me?
Do you read this as a red flag?
It's weird, I would consider canceling this coffee thing
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Nah, go for it
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1 y
Also he suggested I go at his place but it is just for coffee, nothing more
1 y
I made that pretty clear
Do you read this as a red flag?
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